SCSM PowerShell Cmdlets Beta 3

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Released: Apr 20, 2011
Updated: Apr 25, 2011 by jtruher
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Release Notes

This is the third BETA release of the System Center Service Manager Cmdlets (SMLets) module.
This module requires System Center Service Manager SP1 and PowerShell V2

To install, double click the msi and then
PS> import-module SMLets

The module is installed into the $PSHOME/Modules directory


Just delete the $PSHOME\Modules\SMLets directory

New in this release:

32 NEW cmdlets!
  1. Get-SCSMObjectTemplate
  2. Set-SCSMObjectTemplate (apply template to a projection object)
  3. New-SCSMGroup
  4. Get-SCsMGroup
  5. New-SCSMView
  6. Remove-SCGroup
  7. Get-SCSMQueue
  8. New-SCSMQueue
  9. Remove-SCSMQueue
  10. New-SCSMEnumeration
  11. Get-SCSMView
  12. Get-SCSMFolder
  13. Get-SCSMForm
  14. Get-SCSPage
  15. Get-SCSMPageSet
  16. Get-SCSMViewSetting
  17. Get-SCSMViewType
  18. Get-SCSMImage
  19. Get-SCSMFolderHierarchy
  20. Get-SCSMStringResource
  21. Get-SCSMLanguagePackCulture
  22. Get-SCSMWhoAmI
  23. Get-SCSMConnectedUser
  24. Get-SCSMConsoleTask
  25. New-SCSMUserRole
  26. Get-SCSMUserRole
  27. Get-SCSMView
  28. New-SCSMNotificationSubscription
  29. Remove-SCSMView
  30. New-SCSMManagementPackReference
  31. Get-SCSMManagementPackReference
  32. Remove-SCSMUserRole

Other notable improvements:

  • Installable via MSI now
  • Added sorting capability to Get-SCSMObject and Get-SCSMObjectProjection.
  • Added type converter for EnterpriseManagementObjectProjection. This means that you can pipe the output of get-scsmincident or get-scsmobjectprojection to cmdlets that take an objectprojection and the conversion will happen automatically
  • Update Module file to include aliases for those cmdlets that don't have the prolog SCSM. For example, get-scmanagementpack now has an alias of get-scsmmanagementpack
  • Update new-scsmmanagementpack to support creating a blank MP
  • Update to Set-SCSMObject to handle null -value parameter by adding AllowEmptyString and AllowNull attributes
  • Added should process support to all set-, update-, and remove- cmdlets that didnt have it.
  • Added new helper functions to get MPs and MP elements by ID instead of GUID:
    • GetManagementPack()
    • GetManagementPackRelationship()
    • GetManagementPackClass()
    • GetManagementPackTypeProjection()


Please note there are a few breaking changes in this release. Please update any scripts, workflows, etc. that use these cmdlets as appropriate to use the new parameter signatures. We realize this may be a pain for you (hopefully not!) but it just had to be done for the greater good of all future consumers of smlets to get things cleaned up.


Parameter Signature Changes
The following parameter names were modified to provide consistency in parameter names across all cmdlets:
  • New-SCSMAnnouncement -Name --> -DisplayName
  • Set-SCSMAnnouncement -Name --> -DisplayName
  • Import-SCManagementPack -MP --> -ManagementPack
  • Remove-SCManagementPack –ManagementPackInstance --> –ManagementPack
  • Export-SCManagementPack –ManagementPackInstance --> –ManagementPack
  • Get-SCSMUserRole –UserRole --> -Name
  • Get-SCSMRunAsAccount –UserRoleName --> -Name
  • New-SCSMNotificationSubscription –Name --> -DisplayName
  • Set-SCSMObjectTemplate –TemplateName to -Name


-Name on New-SCSMObject removed. This could have been used previously for passing in the class name instead of passing a ManagementPackClass to –Class. To encourage stronger typing and because the –Name is ambiguous and not consistent
with the use of –Name in the other cmdlets it has been removed.
So – you will do this:
New-SCSMObject –Class (Get-SCSMClass –Name System.WorkItem.Incident$)
Instead of this
New-SCSMObject –Name System.WorkItem.Incident$
-ClassName on Get-SCSMObject also be removed. –Class already exists there.
So – you will do this:
Get-SCSMObject –Class (Get-SCSMClass –Name System.WorkItem.Incident$)
Instead of this
Get-SCSMObject –ClassName System.WorkItem.Incident$


Removed -EMG parameter from New-SCManagementPack cmdlet *** BREAKING **** - use the inherited implied _mg instead

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