Apply template to new incident based on keywords

Apr 9, 2012 at 9:52 PM

I am looking to see if it's possible to apply a template based on words found in the title or description and apply a template to it. The powershell script would run every 30 seconds or so and based on a list or text file be able to apply a specific template setup in my enviroment.

This is my scenario -

1. User send e-mail to support e-mail address to create an incident.

2. System creates incident....based on keywords it applies a template such as MIS Support template, etc. (Template is setup with the settings to set off a subscription e-mail based on the supportgroup change)

3. The subscription which I have created looks to see if the support group field has changed from does not equal mis support queue to does equal mis support queue. This way it will send an e-mail notification to the recipients in the queue(ad group). I have tested the subscription works when I manually apply a template. The users get an e-mail notifying them that the incident has been assigned to the queue.

I am no powershell expert or novice so if you can point me to the articles that can help I will learn to create something that will work..I hope. Any suggestions would be appreciated.